Business Development

Intelligent Business Development holds value for individuals occupying customer-facing roles, irrespective of their background or experience level. Whether one is engaged in business development, is a subject matter expert (SME), field engineer, customer service representative, or holds an executive position, they can all benefit from the insights.

By fostering a universal language of business development within the organization, the workshop contributes to heightened internal consciousness and enhanced external interactions.


This common business development language serves as a bridge, aligning diverse roles and functions towards a shared understanding. This alignment not only streamlines internal processes but also amplifies engagement with external stakeholders.


Ultimately, the workshop’s impact reverberates across the organization, fortifying relationships both within and beyond its boundaries.

The workshop encompasses several crucial topics:


Key Intelligence Question (KIQ) and BLUF Statement: Participants will learn how to identify the Key Intelligence Question, unraveling what their prospects truly seek to know. They’ll also grasp the skill of crafting a value proposition succinctly presented in a Bottom-Line Up Front (BLUF) statement, enhancing communication effectiveness.


Key Assumption Checklist (KAC) and Opportunity Probabilities: Attendees will delve into the Key Assumption Checklist (KAC), comprehending its significance in evaluating opportunities. They’ll gain proficiency in estimating probability in relation to potential outcomes, a vital aspect of strategic decision-making.


Dialogue Fundamentals and Structured Analytical Techniques (SATs): The workshop will unravel the fundamentals of effective dialogue, rooted in behavioral psychology. Moreover, participants will acquire the ability to construct Structured Analytical Techniques (SATs) tailored for business development, equipping them with a systematic approach to problem-solving and strategy formulation.


By exploring these key topics, workshop participants will develop a well-rounded toolkit to navigate the intricacies of business development, fostering strategic thinking, effective communication, and data-driven decision-making.

The workshop is designed in two formats to suit different preferences:


In-Person Format (Two Days): This engaging two-day in-person event offers participants an immersive experience. Through interactive sessions, discussions, and activities, attendees will dive deep into the concepts. This format encourages dynamic interactions, networking, and real-time engagement.


Virtual Format (Four Days, Three Hours Each): For those who prefer a flexible approach, the virtual format spans four days, with each day comprising three-hour sessions. This arrangement accommodates busy schedules while still delivering comprehensive content. Attendees can participate from anywhere, benefiting from the convenience of remote learning.


Before the workshop commencement:

Pre-Workshop Interview: Prior to the workshop, you will engage in an interview with the course instructor or a NexGen BD representative. This interaction aims to tailor the workshop content to your background and expectations, enhancing the relevance of the experience.

Personal Inventory Worksheet: You’ll be provided with a personal inventory worksheet to complete. This reflective exercise aids in gauging your existing insights and perspectives, setting the stage for a customized learning journey.


Reading Assignment: As preparation, you’ll read “Intelligent Analysis,” a foundational text that lays the groundwork for the workshop’s concepts. This reading primes you to dive into the discussions and activities with a solid understanding.

These preparatory steps ensure that you enter the workshop with a clear sense of purpose and an appreciation of the material, maximizing the value you derive from the event.

To support ongoing learning and reinforcement of workshop concepts, refresher sessions are conveniently scheduled throughout the calendar year. These sessions provide participants with opportunities to revisit key topics, clarify doubts, and deepen their understanding.

Additionally, the workshop acknowledges the value of continuous engagement:


Discounts for Repeating Students: Participants who choose to revisit the workshop within a 3-year cycle are eligible for significant discounts. This recognition of commitment and dedication encourages continuous improvement and growth.

By offering refresher sessions and incentivizing returning participants, the workshop strives to create a supportive learning ecosystem that promotes sustained skill development and expertise enhancement.